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We are a family centered speech therapy and audiology team who are passionate about improving quality of lives. We know that people can suffer from hearing, speech, language and feeding problems during all walks of life and try our best to identify it early and treat it effectively.


Our goal is that our clients can enjoy the best things in life: from being able to communicate effectively with family, friends and colleagues, to enjoying food and being able to integrate in society.



HELENA VAN HEERDEN (Speech Therapist and Audiologist)

I graduated with my degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology in 2004 at the University of Pretoria, after which I started my career with doing community service at the clinics in Pretoria.  During this time, I recognized the great need for accessible, quality services and developed a personal passion to empower people to expect and insist on such services.


I started working at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in 2006. This was an exciting and challenging journey that I loved. My clinical skills developed rapidly to manage acute and complex cases, keeping me on my toes. Myself, or someone in my team, were often faced with a difficult client and I learned quickly that I will never know everything. I also learned about people and how they can persevere in the most trying circumstances. I have the utmost respect for parents who must navigate an extremely difficult journey with a child who is disabled: oftentimes they are undervalued and overlooked.


I was appointed as the Head of the Department at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in 2016, where I once again found the value in delivering quality services with measurable outcomes. If you do it right the first time, you only do it once. I continued to contribute to our struggle to improve speech therapy and audiology services in government hospitals and clinics, through involvement in provincial and national workgroups.  I was also actively involved in SASLHA, one of our professional associations, and served on the council for a time.


My decision to start my own practise was both personal and practical: I want to establish a strong foundation from where I can identify and fulfil the speech therapy and audiology needs of the community. I believe these services should be more accessible – both financially and physically. I will always aim to empower those of us who are most vulnerable.

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Communication is the essence human life.”

– John A. Pierce

“Food is the ingredient that binds us together.”

– Anonymous


We are passionate to change lives


We empower people to reach their full potential


We use innovative solutions and technology to suit your needs