Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

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 Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) can improve your baby’s developmental outcomes.

  • If your baby is AT RISK for developmental delay, we can provide you with assistance to ensure that the family knows how to stimulate your baby’s speech, language, feeding and listening skills through play-based activities.
  • If your baby or toddler has an established developmental delay (e.g. Down Syndrome), we can do an assessment and provide therapy through play-based activities. The therapy is family-centered; focusing on the specific strengths and needs of your family and your child.


*Free hearing screening is offered to all children during an ECI assessment.

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)



  • Hearing loss is the most frequently occurring birth defect. In South Africa an estimated 17 babies are born with significant bilateral hearing loss every day.
  • It is considered a silent epidemic as it cannot be detected through routine clinical procedures, e.g. blood tests, physical examination.
  • In South Africa, hearing loss is usually only identified after an age of 2 years due to caregiver concern
  • It severely affects a person’s quality of life, from delayed language development and social isolation to reduced income later in life (earn up to 45% less than their normal hearing peers) 


Research shows that a baby with hearing loss who receives early intervention, within the first six months of life, is likely to have language, speech, and cognitive development comparable to normal hearing peer .

Has your baby’s hearing been screened?

Hearing screening for babies under 6 months for R180 @ Hear2Talk