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Hearing loss is the most common disability a baby can be born with. Most babies born with hearing loss do not have any risk factors. We offer advanced neonatal hearing screening, as early identification and management of hearing loss may lead to improved communication skills.

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We offer a wide range of diagnostic hearing tests to suit your needs. Our mobile equipment ensures that we are able provide care where it is needed most. Our specialised diagnostic testing equipment (ABR and ASSR) can also be used in various settings.

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We recommend and fit hearing aids according to your individual needs. We stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure that we are able to advise you on the product that will allow you to enjoy listening to your favorite sounds… with your favorite people.

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Assistive hearing devices can be used in various situations to reduce background noise and distractions. They may enable a person with hearing and/or listening difficulties to hear the speaker clearly. We offer a variety of solutions, as well as additional training for teachers, etc. as required.


We offer to bring our services to you! During our Hearing Health Day @ Work we will do FREE hearing screening, diagnostic hearing tests and follow-up at your offices for your convenience.

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Exposure to excessive noise can result in permanent hearing loss and is mostly preventable. Our range of hearing protection products will give you the peace of mind that your risk of hearing impairment is greatly reduced. We have various solutions for industries, musicians, social use and more.

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We offer aural rehabilitation to ensure that our clients, especially the children, get used to the new sounds they are hearing and are able to make sense of them. During these sessions we focus on listening skills ad fine tune the hearing aids accordingly. This usually goes hand-in-hand with speech and language therapy.